27 Sep 2010

Entrepreneur from young

     I’m is Indonesian, I like reading Al-quran, sport, music, hunting, but I know if I’ll search many money I’must take one profesion, it is entrepreneur. I’ve many motivation why I like entrepreneur profesion, the first is Muhammad saw. he is the best people in the world. I’m is muslim, so I very pround with he. He is a entrepreneur, because in his live full with two word “buy and sell”. The second is my father, his name “Supiran pujo hartono”. He is a sailor, I’m very pround again with he. I’m can study in univercity because his hardwork, usualy my father buy gold sand from kalimantan to sell in surabaya city, it is one of them his commerce. The third is my mother, I’remember “heaven under mother foot”. One motivation must I’remember begin now arrive death.
     If we converse about entrepreneur we must have some or one people to give motivation and spirit to looks like him. The next it is dream, because same success get started from dream. If we make dream must irasional because it is the true dream. Dream is a certain desirability imposible and can’t acceptance mind, of paramount importance must best. After that we must take measure, from small action because “a little gradually get hill”. “consistent” one word must we remember if wont to make the big bussines, I hope many people (from many country, and special to Indonesian) can become the bis entrepreneur from now. Alteration start from now, because now the good time and nothing others. Don’t worry be smile, ^_^

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